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What kind of digital content do we offer?

Dr. Kazarnovskis & Partners develops a sustainable strategy consisting of text and visual content based on your target groups. To produce content with added value, we use marketing techniques such as Customer JourneyPersonasStorytelling, which enable us to present the company and its products convincingly both on the website and in social networks.

As a result, the user experience is optimised and you achieve higher sales and sustainable greater success for your business.

Content for Websites

based on UX-Design

You already know that the web presence of your company should be underpinned with high quality content. But what makes good content? Which content strategy brings the most benefit? How can content be used to continuously increase the positive user experience (UX) on your website? In specialised literature we often find an advice to deal with the following questions in order to understand whether the website is well structured in terms of content:

– Is it clear from the text what you offer?

– Are the essential descriptive elements positioned in the immediately visible area (“above the fold”)?

– Is the visitor of your website directly addressed?

– Does the visitor of your website get an incentive within a few seconds to take a closer look at the offered content?

– Does the visitor of your website find useful information about the keywords he was looking for?


A single “no” to the questions is unfortunately one “no” too much. That is why it is advisable to entrust the development of web content to experts in the field. 

Our working tools:



Titel Emulator

Meta Emulator

Content for Social Media

based on storytelling method

Informative and useful web content can and should be shared by users. It is therefore important that the content strategy not only deals with information that puts your brand in a good light, but also elaborates specific content for the social channels. In this context, one speaks of engaging content that is geared towards social media and promotes greater interaction between companies and users. In specialized literature, you can find an advice to deal with the questions listed below in order to develop a sustainable social content strategy:

– Which target groups does the company want to reach via social networks?

– What content expectations do the target groups have in social networks?

– Which social networks are the right ones for the company?

– With which storytelling does the company want to win the sympathy of users?

– What should the social media guidelines contain to prevent a communication crisis as efficiently as possible?


If you are not sure how to answer these questions correctly, leave it to us to develop and implement a sustainable social media strategy for your company.

Our working tools:

✓ BuzzSumo



Video Content

This service is offered in cooperation with the Video Agency Dazzle Works

Video content is becoming increasingly important for online marketing. The boom has long since begun and, with the technological development of smartphones, has been becoming a decisive factor for business success. According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, 75% of mobile internet traffic will consist of video by the end of 2024. The reasons for this boom are obvious. People love videos. Search engines love videos. And modern Internet technologies with high download and upload speeds make it easy to realize these preferences.

Video content should be adapted to the used platform. Live streams are popular on Facebook, longer informative videos are better received on Youtube, while on Instagram you should address the target groups with very short clips. Before you decide on a specific video production format, you should ask yourself the following questions:

– Which video content format (advertising clip, interview, tutorial, animation) is desired?

– What message does the video want to convey?

– What will the technical specifications of the video be?

– What is the budget for the video production?

– What channels will you use to reach the audience?

Not only a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at our YouTube channel with some examples from our video product range DAZZLE WORKS

Why do you need Digital Content?

Digital content includes all products for creating your company’s online presence. With a good digital content you can achieve a lot. High website rankings in search engines, development and expansion of customer loyalty, backlinks to the product or service, positive so-called “social signals” and clearly defined unique selling points of the brand – all this can be achieved with a sophisticated content marketing strategy.

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