Dr. Kazarnovskis & Partners

Certified Translations Online Marketing

in Düsseldorf (Germany)

What do we offer?

Dr. Kazarnovskis & Partners stands for practical implementation of text and web-based tasks in two complex areas:

Professional Translations

German • Russian • Latvian • English

Services Overview:

Certified Translations
Legal Translations
Financial Translations
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Online Marketing

SEO • SEA • Content Strategy • Web Design

Services Overview:

Responsive Websites and Landing Pages
Digital Content Development
Search Engine Optimization
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How do we work?

Our Philosophy

Although there are two different fields of expertise, they can nevertheless be joined by a common denominator: Clients expect a text-specific content that is tailored to their current needs and offers a high level of quality. Our way of thinking and working is based on agile project management principles ensuring that our clients' expectations are always met to their complete satisfaction.  

Why exactly we?

Many companies promise services of high quality. What do these beautiful words mean in concrete terms? We have very clear ideas about what a good service is:

Ultimately, the quality of each service will be judged on the achievement of the planned goals. The customer must receive what he has ordered: complete, error-free and without delay. In order to be able to act in a result-oriented manner and to identify potential problems early on, we are in constant contact with the customer. In addition, we ask our clients for feedback on the work they have done for enabling sustainable performance optimization.

And what about customer friendliness? It’s simple. If you still were not satisfied with our services, we try to eliminate all deficiencies as quickly as possible and find an optimal solution through dialogue. Of course without additional costs. And that is not all. 

On request, we sign a non-disclosure agreement as additional legal protection before the contract is concluded. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

In order to offer a really good service, we should, however, still have a fair pricing policy. Indeed we have one by making completely transparent deals for our customers with clearly calculated fixed prices. We have also developed a flexible discount system with win-win solutions. 

What do our clients say about us?

What are frequently asked questions of our clients?

In the area of online marketing you offer many discounted packages. If I use the services from two areas, i.e. online marketing and translations, can I get a discount from you?

Absolutely! With each additional service you can expect 15% discount. Of course, the discounted offer means as much quality and performance as a normal package.

I would like to increase my sales, but I am not sure which marketing measures are best for me?

The doubts are more than understandable. The problem is also aggravated by the fact that many marketing agencies want to increase their own turnover and sell services to their clients that they do not need at all. We analyze your actual situation very precisely and explain each proposed step.

In several places on your website, reference is made to the Düsseldorf location. Is this information relevant for clients?

This information is relevant for search engine optimization. We offer our services to the clients from different regions of Germany and all over Europe. Even for the certified translations the location does not matter. It is sufficient to send scans by email. The certified documents will be returned to you by mail.

Is there an option to get the job done faster?

In fact, many agencies offer the so-called express services. Especially in the translation industry, it is common practice to offer express services for a surcharge. We always try to deliver the orders as a finished product as soon as possible. The prerequisite is that, firstly, speed does not compromise quality and, secondly, other clients are not affected. According to our philosophy, we treat all clients equally, without considering the sum of the order.

Can I pay for the ordered service package in installments?

In principle, we are very flexible when it comes to payment methods. In each specific case it should be decided individually. It may be that a partner agency is to be used for the order processing, so we will depend on their conditions. In any case we do everything possible to find an optimal solution.

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