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What do we offer in the area of SEO?

Dr. Kazarnovskis & Partners offers a comprehensive solution for website optimization both in organic search and through advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook. You can request either individual services or a coherent package of SEO & SEA services tailored to specific needs and wishes of individual clients. Basically, there are three application areas in which we offer our expertise: 


Development and implementation of digital Marketing strategy

A top ranking in the search engine hit lists is a prerequisite for the successful existence of companies on the market. The companies are in fierce competition for the attention of the user and try to ensure the easy findability of their own products or services by means of certain SEO measures and search engine advertising. If a company cannot get to the top of the organic search for certain reasons, it can try to get the coveted top position in the ranking by placing a paid ad. But even in this case, there is no guarantee that potential customers will see the ad, as competition is very tough and search engines are very selective about ads submitted. 

To achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time, we use a variety of marketing tools to promote websites in both organic and paid searches. We carry out a fine-tuned technical SEO actions guided by the current SEO recommendations of the search engines. We also develop an individual strategy for all types of contextual advertising for Google and Facebook, taking into account remarketing techniques to increase the conversion rate and turnover of the client company.

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If you want to use your advertising budget efficiently, entrust us to develop and implement a sustainable strategy for extended seeding.


Development and implementation of successful SEO-strategy

Improving the ranking of the website in search engines is costly and time consuming. Even a perfectly built website does not always reach the top of the search results, for example because it is too young. The search engines operate according to the so-called seniority principle by giving preference to older websites in their rankings. The younger domains must first build up trustworthiness before they can apply for a top position in search results. Therefore, besides the tedious work, you should also have a lot of patience to build up and maintain the relevance that is attributed to the website. 

To achieve the first successes in search engine optimization as quickly as possible, we use proven online marketing strategies:

– Analysis of keywords relevant for online traffic 

– On-site search engine optimization of the website (html code, content, structure, meta tags (including hreflang regionalization tags), links, sitemap, robots.txt file)

– Off-site search engine optimization (generation of backlinks and feedback)

– Advertising campaigns with calculation of the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)

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We take over the development of a successful SEO strategy for your website to achieve the optimum in terms of visibility in search engine results.


Monitoring and Optimierung of SEO performance indicators

One of the key factors of successful search engine optimization is the continuous monitoring of the results. To develop an optimal strategy, comprehensive information on the following statistical parameters is required:

– Ranking of the website according to individual keywords

– Categorization of keywords according to the extent of the visitor flow

– Geographic (country/region/city), resource (link/social network/direct search) and technical (desktop/smartphone/tablet) sources of visitor flow 

– Demographic metadata about visitors

– Analysis of conversion rates

We work with a wide range of controlling and monitoring tools to record all the results and accordingly carry out efficient and sustainable fine-tuning of the optimization strategy. 

We evaluate all decisive KPIs in order to bring the effort and benefit in search engine optimisation into a sensible balance.

What does SEO mean?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implements certain measures aimed at optimizing web content for better visibility in search engines. The interaction between content and SEO is always a balancing act: On the one hand, you want to have content on your website that is relevant and useful for crawlers. At the same time, this content should also be valuable for the users. The art of mastering this balancing act is called successful SEO strategy.

Google’s SEO guides list more than 200 factors that are decisive for the ranking on Google & Co. If we were to go into these factors in detail here, you should certainly read our text for at least two days without interruption. And there’s some bad news: The search engines are changing their algorithms so that some factors are becoming obsolete, while new factors are gaining importance. In short, SEO experts should fundamentally deal with the following questions:

– How to identify relevant keywords for the website?

– How and where to use keywords on the website correctly?

– Which content is SEO-promoting?

– Which keywords are used by the competitors?

– How should the source code of the website be optimized for SEO?

What do Google & Facebook Ads mean?

The two Internet giants Google and Facebook offer powerful platforms for advertising. Anyone who is toying with the idea of running an advertising campaign for a product or service on one or these platforms should consider the essential differences between them. Facebook Ads are more expensive than Google Ads and achieve a lower click-through rate on average. However, this does not mean that Facebook is a worse platform than Google in terms of advertising. The network giant compensates for the disadvantages with a higher conversion rate.

In this respect, the choice of advertising channels always depends on the concrete objectives of a campaign. As a rule of thumb, Facebook Ads can be used to arouse spontaneous purchase requests among users, while Google Ads can be used to sensitise users who have already decided to buy a certain product. Regardless of which platform you would use for advertising purposes, there are fundamental questions that a marketing manager should ask himself before placing an ad:   

– Which keywords should campaigns be targeted on?

– Which ads generate a high conversion rate?

– Which bidding strategy is the most appropriate?

– How should the landing page be deigned to which the ad is linked?

– Which monitoring tools are most important to measure the success (KPI) of a campaign?

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