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How do we design the websites?

With innovative ideas and solid technical know-how, Dr. Kazarnovskis & Partners designs websites for small and medium-sized enterprises. The focus of our work is the harmonious combination of visual aesthetics and functional usability. In concrete terms, this means that we develop the graphic interface for your web presence that best represents your brand while being user-friendly and easy to use. 

What is a good web design?

Responsive design

Nowadays, responsive design is a must for every reasonably designed website. Responsive means the uniform display of website content on the computer desktop, tablet and smartphone. This factor is not only crucial for  visual representation of web content. This factor also plays a very important role by website indexing by search engines. Since 2018, Google activated the so-called Mobile First Indexing, and since 2020 has transformed this indexing principle into an even more rigorous Mobile Only principle. In short, this means that only mobile content counts for the ranking evaluation.

The serious consequences for an unresponsive website are obvious. A website that is not optimized for mobile devices annoys users with a lack of usability. Moreover, such a website does not appear in search results at all, which makes digital interaction with the customer considerably more difficult. 

You can find out whether your website is responsive by using the test tool for mobile suitability provided by Google. Google also gives useful optimization tips on how to make your website mobile-fit. These tips should be implemented as quickly as possible to improve the usability and visibility of your website.

Responsive website

Example from our portfolio (https://cupsworks.com/)

User Experience (UX)

User Experience is the term used to describe numerous aspects of user impressions when interacting with the website. The famous usability expert Steve Krug explains this term with a simple sentence "Don't make me think!" The website should be clear, obvious and self-explanatory so that users can intuitively understand at a glance what the website represents and what can be done with it. 

Meanwhile almost all users have concrete expectations about:

- how content is positioned on a website

- how content functions on a website

- How content looks like on a website

It should be mentioned that these expectations are not only held by the users, but also by crawlers, which index the websites and determine their ranking in search results. For example, a website with an opaque navigation structure can not only deter potential customers, but also crawlers, so that a well thought-out usability strategy is indispensable for the success of the company. 


Beispiel aus unserem Portfolio (https://linglan.de/)

Loading time

How quickly a website reacts to user requests is also a central criterion for good web design. The tolerance of users for loading time is low.  Almost half of them expect a loading time of less than two seconds. If loading takes more than three seconds, 40 percent of users drop out. 

Until today, search engines have been much more tolerant than Internet users in terms of speed. But this time is over. Google has officially confirmed that the speed of websites plays a role in the ranking. Google's requirement is that the loading of the content of a web page visible without scrolling (Above the Fold) should not exceed one second.

You can test whether your website meets this criterion by using the speed measurement tool PageSpeed Insights provided by Google. Google also gives useful optimization tips on how your website can be accelerated. You should also take these tips to heart in order not to impair the usability of your website. 



Example from our portfolio (https://www.riman-umzug.de/)

What kind of web design do we offer?


responsive and creative Design

Website is a digital business card for a brand or company. The users should feel comfortable on the visited website and not have to think about what the site stands for, where to find what they are looking for and how to order/receive/buy what they are searching. 

The web designer should put himself in the role of the user and ask himself the following questions in relation to the developed website:

– Where am I?

– Where should I start?

– Where do I find X?

– What are the most important contents on this web page?

– Why did they call X so?

– Is X advertising or part of the website?

It should also be remembered that the developed website must meet current SEO standards in order to get to the top of search results. The advantage for our clients is that they can order complete packages from us, where all the important parameters of a successful web presence are already included.


We will design a website for you, which both visually reflects your brand or product elegantly and meets all usability and SEO criteria.

Our working tools:

Adobe Dreamweaver

Elementor Pro (WordPress)

Bootstrap Studio

Landing Pages

Optimized for Ads

Landing Pages are specially developed web pages that the user reaches by clicking on a digital advertising medium (banner, ad, link). In principle, the landing page can be any web page of the website, including the homepage. However, it is recommended to develop a separate landing page for each advertising campaign. The aim of this page is to present offers to target groups and motivate potential customers to take action (Call to Action). 

It is obvious that the usability criteria for a landing page should be perceived much more strictly than for a website. A lot of money is invested in advertising campaigns, so that a well-structured landing page is a prerequisite for the success of these investments. 

It should also be considered that the structure of a landing page plays an important role in the calculation of the Google quality factor. The worse this coefficient is, the higher the ads bid should be in order to place the ad in the search results.  

Increase your sales and conversions with landing pages optimized for your advertising campaigns.

Our working tools:

Adobe Dreamweaver

Elementor Pro (WordPress)

Bootstrap Studio

Online Shops

Responsive and functional Design

Designing an online shop is a real challenge for every web designer. Each article must be carefully designed and positioned in the right place. A number of payment methods should be added and discounts and vouchers should be highlighted. Fortunately, nowadays you should not do all these things manually. There are well functioning design templates on the market, which take a lot of work off the web designers. 

Nevertheless, this kind of web design is the most difficult and requires a lot of effort, precision and efficiency. It makes sense to order an online shop with an integrated service package (e.g. with content & search engine optimization). This will allow you to develop a coherent and sustainable store concept, which will be tailored to the needs of the target groups and current market trends.

Although the design and maintenance of an online shop is a complex undertaking, all market research studies confirm that the existence of an online store often becomes an essential prerequisite for the survival of many companies. 58 percent of all purchases are made on the Internet. And the trend is upward.

Improve your sales rate with a responsive online shop tailored to your target groups and market trends 

Our working tools:

Adobe Dreamweaver

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